Friday, February 25, 2011

Adventures in Gamma World 4e - Season 2

Now that I have completed my tour of duty, Marty is taking the reins and running our Gamma World campaign, and I'll be putting on my PC hat. He's running us through "Famine in Far-Go". (BTW, I was using the "Steading of the Iron King" from the main Gamma World boxed set and the "Trouble in Freesboro" Gamma World Game Day module in case you were wondering.)

Marty started by narrating the events that transpired immediately after the previous group jumped into the Beta Chamber. Frank and Gypsie went in together, but were separated kicking and screaming. The rest went in at various intervals. Since it's essentially a new game with new players only Chris decided to stay with his character Brainulo. Pete wasn't available for this session, so Gypsie made it through as well, but we'll see if Pete joins the new session.

So on to the new roster!

Aloicious or "Al" (played by Mike): Gelatinous Fungoid - A lump of clear Jello that releases spores on occasion. Also has the personality of a lump of Jello.

Brainulo (played by Chris): Radioactive Telekinetic - Basically a giant floating brain that armors itself with a shifting shield of telekinetically manipulated scraps of metal and talks with a Stephen Hawking-like voice box.

Charlie (played by Ashley): Ectoplasmic Shapechanger - Simply, a shape-changing ghost! She's still trying to get a handle on how to wear armor, use weapons, and carry things.

Chum (played by me): Simian Electrokinetic - "Chum was naturally born on Gamma Terra in a sentient great ape enclave on the shores of an electric volcanic lake. He was born the middle child - older brother Fodder, younger sister Gibs. These are their common names, chosen when they are of age to leave the enclave. The family chose the names on the belief that "lucky" names bring nothing but ill, ergo "unlucky" names bring prosperity.
Their names may have saved them, but unfortunately did not save the enclave. One day, the fish folk of the lake decided to take to the shores and ransacked the village, scattering the surviving inhabitants far and wide.
Chum has been moving from settlement to settlement, lending a hand as needed. He's currently settled in Far-Go as the townsfolk have given him a sizeable home in exchange for some basic protection from the nearby wildlife.
Chum's getting up in ape years (around 45, give or take) and has decided he is looking for a few things before he can take his final rest: a little knowledge, a little spirituality, a little compassion, a little bit of home, and maybe a really pretty laser rifle."

Zazz!™ (played by John): Felinoid Arachnid - "Zazz!™ doesn't remember much about his childhood. Dad was furry and Mom had extra legs. Zazz!™ is something in between. His parents died some time ago and left him alone. Zazz!™ wandered away from home after getting lonely and bored. He has wandered the waste for some time and has met many people, none who have had a more snazzy name than 'Zazz!™'. Recently he met Charlie, some sort of ghost thing in a suit of armor. Zazz!™ thinks Charlie is pretty, but Charlie 'just wants to be friends' and always tells Zazz!™ what a good friend he is. He doesn't like that, but is glad for the company."

And now on to the recap:

Chum's Log - 2-22-Six-Monkey-Aww screw it! If I ever find out who came up with that nomenclature, I'll plant some cast iron in their face!

Slept hard after the locals and I did some weed-whackin' last night. Those little plant things make my fur tangle.

Woke up to the sound of breakfast blurpin' in my ear. Unfortunately, the bastard got away before I could get my mitts on it. Half-way though plan B - Cap'n Cola - the town alarm went up. Grabbed my gear and headed out in the crappy Far-Go weather. Thank the Great Ape for umbrellas - if I didn't have one, my coat'd be singed somethin' fierce.

Turns out Jessup found some brain-thing in his fields. Swear he should have scooped up a handful and shoved it into his ear - he could use a healthy heapin' of grey matter. Anyway, grabbed Jake and Lyall and followed Jessup to his find.

On the way there, we stumbled across a blonde human also layin' in the field. She was bloodied up a bit and held a severed digit of some sort in her clawed hand. She was still breathin' and seein' as humans usually pose less of a threat than others, I had Jessup take care of her while Jake, Lyall and I continued on our search for Jessup's brain.

Didn't take long before the idiot started screamin' and runnin' back into town. Looked like he kicked up some dust as he went. The boys and I went back to the female and discovered she was not alone. Couldn't make out what it was, so against my better judgement, I decided to toss a beer on it hopin' the liquid gold might make it more visible. To our surprise, it caught the damn thing and returned the favor. Turns out it's some sort of sentient gelatinous beer dispenser. Says its name is "Al".

Sent Jake into town with the human. As he was headin' out, a couple of strangers came to meet us and the beer dispenser - a furry spider-lookin' thing with a belt buckle that says ZAZZ, and an honest-to-goodness ghost named Charlie. Apparently, they were respondin' to the town folk's call for help.

Sent Lyall to go check on Jessup and the new three and I went to go find the brain.

Sure enough, there it was, big as a tree-stump, complete with eyeballs, all connected to wires and such, and formin' a bruise on one side. Got 'round the side without the eyes and poked it a bit. The others got it awake tho. "Al" let loose a cloud of somethin', helpin' the brain resume normal functions and invigoratin' the rest of us. Weird li'l bastard, but somethin' we should keep handy.

Anyway, the brain tells us it fell form the sky. Doesn't remember much else, however. That's about the time we heard the town bell AND siren.

As we got closer to town, the alarm fell silent - along with the rest of the town. Eerily so. When we got to the center, we found a small army of Dead'uns, this time commanded by three flyin' eyeball things. That's new. What's with all these flyin'/fallin' body parts? Speakin' of, Brainy rushed in (against my warnin' 'bout them explodin' Dead'uns) and blasted a bunch of 'em with some thought-wave or somethin'. He can stay, too.

The eyeball things shoot some sort of blindin'-purple-death-ray. Blinded Brainy, Charlie, and Zazz a couple times. Fortunately, they knock out of the sky pretty easily.

After the first go-'round of blindin', Brainy and Charlie disappeared. Shortly thereafter, our ghostie came through the walls of a nearby building and gave one of them flyin' eyes a good squeeze - kinda creepy, kinda interestin'. Zazz coughs up some sort of webs - kinda disturbin'.

All the while we were workin' on the flyin' eyes, our li'l beer dispenser was whittlin' down the Dead'uns. I was kinda worried it'd befriend them, but it kept at its task. Dropped a beer in the scuffle, however. That beer turned out to be the final killin' blow on the last eye. I gotta stop wastin' beer like that. At least I got a sip before slingin' it at the damn thing.

Now about that screamin'.....

Monday, February 21, 2011

*Sigh*..... back to link dumping...

Mainly miniature resources:
OZ Painters
Copplestone Castings
Foundry Miniatures (Street Violence)
Old Crow Models (took over Ainsty, but that's been bought again)
RAFM Miniatures - USX Modern Day Heroes

A couple of very nice artists' blogs:
 - in particular:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oil Rig Build Log - Part 3

Making progress! We've got it to a point where it's definitely playable terrain, but still needs some work.

Before we move on to the build report, a couple of interesting notes:
 Upside down it would make some totally awesome  terrain for Battletech!
 Also, it's built like a tank! Here we're using two tubs full of Lego to weigh it down while the glue dries. Lego aint light! (Yeah, Pete's got a ton of Lego. Plus check out that carpeting!)

Okay, back to the build! This round, we decided on and built the upper deck layout, mounted the support columns for the cranes, and tried out the helipad.

This was done on Saturday. Since then, we've been moving forward on some of the cover and loose terrain bits. Pete's put together some nice real wood pallets (1" x 1") and some crates:
I decided to scour the internet and start purchasing some of the more difficult to obtain items. In particular:

  • The oil derrick. This is going to be tricky. Not only is it the biggest and most recognizable feature of the the project, but there are very few pre-built ones in a scale close enough! We decided to go ahead and order the Plastruct Electrical Towers & Oil Rig Kit from Hobbylinc. It came in today. However... the oil rig kit looks... a little... small. The girder bits are small and the base is only about 4" across. The instructions are almost useless, but the drawings are worthwhile. It might be useful to try building it as-is with the same philosophy as the cardboard mock-up.
  • Forklifts. After some extensive searching, I found some roughly 1/64 scale die-cast forklifts made by Welly toys and bought two red ones off eBay for $5 each. They arrived today as well. The forklifts are pretty neat and look in-scale. They come with cheap plastic pallets that are 1" x 1 3/8", so Pete's should work fine.
  • Winches. We are contemplating building winches from scratch, but seeing how work-intensive this project will be, we are weighing the price-to-work savings of some kits or pre-built parts. In this case, I found a Tugger Winch kit across the pond in the UK. I've sent them an e-mail for a quote, but it's looking like they'll end up being around $10 each. And we're talking about needing SIX...
P.S. We got the quote back - a $70 total. Looks like we'll be scratch-building them...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oil Rig Build Log - Part 2

This past weekend, Pete and I were able to bang on the project and push forward. We now have the catwalk section and lower deck all glued together. We also cut 5" wide strips of cardboard to make the center structure. We decided to put in several alcoves to provide some sort of cover for the miniatures to duck into. You can see what I'm talking about here:

Obviously, the cranes have arrived and really give the project a sense of scale. We are using styrofoam and shoe boxes as placeholders for the next phase. In preparation for that, we have started doing some research into 1/64 or S-Scale modeling supplies. I have gone ahead and put in an order for a Plastruct Electrical Towers & Oil Well Kit. I'm curious to see how involved building a derrick from scratch will be...