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Adventures in Gamma World 4e, Part Deux: "I Love Tangh!"

Our intrepid mutant heroes have defeated the Iron King and have put an end to his robot manufacturing shenanigans. Since Brainulo had been captured by some guy named Tangh and his name had been brought up by some of the local Porkers, Brainulo convinced the group to follow that trail.

Session #7 (January 25, 2011)

Mike's write-up:

"Defeat for the Iron King meant a return to the town of Chell for our heroes but only to restock before moving on. The group was set on tracking down the remaining Porkers who once held Brainulo captive and possibly discovering the mystery of Tangh. Gypsie and Brainulo began repair work on the truck as Frank and Owl bartered for supplies. After getting sidetracked in the steading of the Iron King, Fjordinnheas rejoined the party. But the arrival of one meant the departure of another as Cat stayed behind but promised she would catch up soon and bid the party farewell. With Frank at the wheel, our intrepid heroes traveled the road in the direction they last saw the Porkers flee.

After a few hours, they approached a blockade of wrecked vehicles manned by more Porkers. Frank attempted to circumvent the cars but the terrain proved too tricky and truck came to a dead stop at the edge of their camp. The villainous porcines then released their secret weapon - a flock of glowing, red, irradiated birds! As the Porkers closed in, the battle was engaged. Owl and Brainulo fled the back of the truck and attempted to strike from a distance. They were soon followed by Fjord who took out one of the pigs instantly with his guns. This happened just as another of the Porkers smashed the side window and belched a noxious cloud into the cabin coating Frank and Gypsie with its bile.

Gypsie used her gravity power to attack the villains, catching most of them in its field of effect. Frank knocked the one at the truck door back into Gypsie's attack field, which was then triggered and injured a good many of the enemy. The birds, which were also stunned by the attack, quickly recovered and swarmed the truck. Their radiation proved useless against Brainulo but mutated Gypsie making her super intelligent. Frank showed uncommon skill and competence and the tide of the battle was quickly determined. Seeing his fate, their leader attempted to flee on a motorcycle but Brainulo took control of the vehicle using it to kill another one of the enemy and prevent the leader's escape. Somehow the radiation affected the Porker leader giving him glowing, red wings and he clumsily fled the area as Owl was immobilized by his healing mutation and unable to pursue. But the leader left a trail of glowing, red feathers and the party was easily able to track him.  Before disembarking, the group quickly searched the camp discovering many useful items.

Following the leader's trail, they arrived at what appeared to be an abandoned building formerly owned by PungCo. Gypsie and Owl scouted, following the trail of feathers to an underground garage where they discovered armed, giant cockroaches! Summoning the rest of the team, the group attacked the cockroaches and made short work of the bugs who were so much more disgusting than their roach comrade. The party claimed what was left of the roaches' supplies and exploring the rest of the building now awaits the heroes."

Session #8 (February 15, 2011)

So, this last Tuesday was the last time I will be GMing our Gamma World game. In classic style, Chris wrote up the last game as a message to their mutated cockroach friend, Cat:

Dear Cat,

We hope this message finds you and finds you well. We have come here to the PungCo Laboratories in pursuit of Tangh, and we finally found him. Using some of the technology in this abandoned lab building, he escaped our clutches, and we are going to follow him. If you have made it this far, we hope that the sight and sounds of the Beta Chamber don’t intimidate you and that you decide to try and join up with us again. Perhaps we should explain the carnage and destruction you see strewn before you, though.

After our skirmish with the armed roaches in the basement, we decided to explore further into the building. The lobby was mostly deserted, but we found the building keys on the dessicated remains of a security guard. Using them, we searched the nearby offices and found a wide variety of junk; some of it useful, some of less so. If looters haven’t already ransacked the building, feel free to take anything you think might help you on your way.

Gypsie reconnoitered the second floor and it appeared abandoned, with some electric lights flickering in the corner. We figured these to be old computer terminals and continued upstairs. On the third floor, we found several smashed windows, so Owl took a quick flight to scout out the area. The building again appeared vacant and the trail of red glowing feathers had grown cold, so we decided to press on. The key fob we found didn’t have a key for the hallway door, so we all took turns attempting to open it, either by nimble fingers or by force. The ruckus must have raised the alarm for some robots sentries on the second floor as we were surprised to find 5 of these hovering menaces floating in behind us! Fjordinius was amazing with his katana and seismic stomp, Gypsy was ferocious with her claws, and Frank used the heavy punching bag we found downstairs as a most unique improvised weapon. One of the robots seemed to mutate during our skirmish, the outer casing became plush and shaggy, much like the horrible carpet in the elevator lobby. Simultaneously, an area on the floor took on a metallic appearance. This sort of behavior might help us all better understand the fickle nature of the mutations of our world. After the robots were demolished and left smoldering on the carpet, we pressed on down the hallway.

We encountered a huge laboratory, and peered through the glass viewing windows. We could make out some Porkers and one huge warthog, more wart than hog, in a space suit - Tangh! The room also contained what looked to be some sentry guns, but they appeared inactive. Gypsy, Owl and Fjordnius attempted to sneak to a second entry way so that we could flank these hammy bastards, but the automated entry system exposed us and the doorway opened to expose Owl and Fjordinius! While two of the porkers moved towards us, a hoop soldier appeared, and the Spacesuited Hog began to pound wildly on a glass door marked "Beta Chamber"! Inside the chamber, we could see a swirling menagerie of scenes and times. It was like a window that looked out on the world from every possible viewpoint and changed constantly with the blink of an eye!

A shout came from the room, and it was our Pig on the Wing from the car blockade we encountered earlier. He was attacked by Frank and Owl. Owl ended up killing him, his charred remains smelling like fried chicken with a side of bacon! When Brainulo entered the room, Tangh immediately changed his focus and shouted out an order to capture him! Fjordinius blasted Tangh, and another Porker ran in to support his wounded leader. Owl and Frank both shot at the smaller pig soldier, painting his guts all over Tangh! Gypsie was engaged in a struggle with another porcine warrior at the other side of the room and blasted him with her head mounted laser, and again, it smelled like a barbecue from hell!

Tangh struck at Fjordnius, and his blow was met again with a gun blast from Fjordnius, but this was one tough porker. Any blow to one of these big pigs seemed to result in them vomiting an awful substance towards us. We were not always lucky to avoid this biowarfare! Frank tried to bite at a porker with his mandibles, but only managed to nick him, unable to close his mighty mandibles around his face!

One porker made his way to a computer terminal and activated the laser grid. It must have been designed for more humanoid hands, as his blasts went stray and shot a pipe at the back of the room, causing water to pour in! Frank struck a mighty blow against Tangh. He stumbled, quite wounded, crashed through the glass into the Beta Chamber, and disappeared! The porker operating the laser cannon tried to vomit again, but this time he mutated and became a wobbly, ambulatory pile of puke! Brainulo trained his radioactive eyes on one of the porkers. With a blast, he seemed to age quickly as the radiation ate him away from the inside out. Tangh suddenly stepped back out the Beta chamber, looking much better than we last saw him, almost fully recuperated! Owl took control of the laser sentry system and blasted at Tang. Gypsy took a couple of brutal swipes at Tangh with her press-on claws, blinding him. As a last defense he belched forth once again, catching both Frank and Gypsie in the blast, before retreating into the gaping void of the Beta Chamber. As he disappeared, Gypsie could barely make out his destination - what looked to be a... Farm!?! Seeing that he was outnumbered, the hoop soldier surrendered to us. Since he had nothing more to offer, Frank tossed him screaming into the Beta chamber. It has become clear to us that if we are to catch up with and defeat Tang, we may need to step into the Beta Chamber ourselves…
The letter is torn at this point, and any further account of the events that transpired in the Beta Chamber are no longer legible...

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