Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oil Rig Build Log - Part 4

As promised, here's the Oil Rig Build Log Update!

Pete cut 1" steps from some extruded polystyrene foam sheet insulation (otherwise known as "pink" or "blue foam"), glued them in place, and coated them with some left over household latex paint. The paint seals the foam so we can spray paint it. Without it, the propellant in the spray paint will dissolve the foam.

At this point, we're pretty much done with the playtest mockup. All we needed was a placeholder for the oil derrick. So, some scrap cardboard later, and voila!
To maintain overall proportion, we decided upon a 20" tall derrick.

Here you can see the scale of this project. Our stand-ins are a couple of PanOceania mins from Infinity.
(Check out those railings...)

Here's the PanO guys boarding a helo for a quick escape!

As I had mentioned, we planned on spray painting the rig to unify the appearance and hide the imperfections. Here's an action shot of Pete!

Four cans of cheap grey spray paint later and here's the finished product. Lookin' good!
That should suffice as far as usability for play testing!

Now on to the miniatures!

We had briefly discussed using the existing Infinity miniature line, but in a very specific scenario/terrain such as this, we figured we'd streamline the rules to minimize the complexity. As such, the mins weren't as important. That meant we could return to the concept of an SpecOps attacking force, and a "goon" defending force.

For the attackers, we found the Eureka Miniature line and really liked their NATO Special Forces Frogmen (this is the Eureka Miniatures USA link - they're based out of Australia). Here's what they look like cleaned up, their bases sawed off, and pinned:

For the defenders, after an exhaustive search, we settled on 'Guards in Hard Hats' from Copplestone Castings in their 1960's Characters line. I don't have a picture of them, so this will have to do:
We ordered 12 of them as we are assuming the defenders will be at a disadvantage, so a 2 to 1 numerical advantage should help.

Just a cool picture Pete took showing the scale of the bits we've assembled so far:


Bernohn said...

This is very very very good! I cant find words to say about it. This is great to use in an infinity battle.

czechm8 said...

Thanks! We're hoping to get back to working on it soon.