Thursday, May 2, 2013

Introducing Fate Dice™!

If you haven't been following what goes on over at Evil Hat, you may have missed the fact that they are running a Kickstarter for their own line of Fudge Dice called Fate Dice™! They're releasing four themed sets in September and are pushing for a second batch early 2014.

In Update #4, they put a survey out to the masses asking what we'd like to see. I couldn't help but suggest they consider a cyber-themed set. Specifically, I said I'd like to see, "chrome with black, black with neon green, and smoke with brass or rust with black..."

That thought's been scratching at my head for several days now, and I really wanted to see what they'd look like. So, a couple of hours and some of my weak Photoshop-fu skills later (does that even look like brass?), I have the image you see on the right:

Please note: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL DICE FROM EVIL HAT. These are just my idea of what a cyber-version of them might look like...

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