Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How I Track Aspects in Fate

I noticed that, when using index cards or sticky notes to track aspects for Fate games, the table would get cluttered or we'd lose an aspect or two. It occurred to me that, with a small enough dry-erase board, I could track situation aspects and boosts in one place and for everybody to see. Fortunately, Target carries a 10" x 5.5" magnetic dry-erase board complete with a combo-marker/eraser for $3.59!

As you can see, I divided it up between situation aspects and boosts. I included check boxes to indicate free invokes: empty box = two free invokes, / = one free invoke, X = no free invokes available. I initially did this with permanent marker, but forgot that dry-erase markers actually erase permanent marker. So I did it again and then used packing tape to laminate over the text.

As an added bonus, the whole thing fits in my Fate binder!

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